If cosec theta + cot theta = p prove that cos theta = p2-1 / p2 + 1

If cosec theta + cot theta = p prove that cos theta = p2-1 / p2 + 1


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Yash Patari
askIITians Faculty 2123 Points
2 years ago
cosec theta + cot theta = P (given) we know, cosec² theta - cot² theta = 1 (cosec theta + cot theta)( cosec theta - cot theta)= 1 (cosec theta - cot theta) × P = 1 ( cosec theta - cot theta) = 1/P Let's solve (i ) and (ii) cosec theta = 1+ P²/2P cot theta = P²-1/2P cot theta / cosec theta= P²-1/2P×2P/P2²+1 cos theta = P²-1/P²+1
Pasty Dawe
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one year ago
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