hw to study for iit

hw to study for iit


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Saurabh Kumar
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8 years ago
5 ways to keep yourself motivated for studies for IIT JEE Advanced

Preparation for IIT JEE Advanced requires lot of hardwork and one has to go through many sleepless nights to finish the syllabus and solve those extra problems so that you get an edge over others, and thus consumes lot of energy and one has to constantly motivate himself to keep working hard until that exam date, here are the 5 ways you can keep yourself motivated for studies forIIT JEE Advanced exam/JEE Main exam or for that matter any examination.

Positive self-affirmation:

When you are not able to solve that problem even when you have spent half an hour solving that problem and you are feeling like dropping the subject, remind yourself that all the students who are preparing for JEE are going through the same struggle and give tell to yourself 5 times aloud that “No one is smarter than Me” and then get back to solving the problem.

Give enough positive self-affirmations to yourself all the time, right from you wake up in the morning, that will keep you motivated and you will not feel bad about the hard work you are putting in, when your friends are watching TV or going to movies.

Think about the end result:

Now this is one of the best techniques that works magic with many, when you actually imagine about the time when you crack IIT JEE and getting admission into IIT’s or NIT’s while your friends joining private colleges that will make you all energised to study hard for the exam.

Be in good company:

If you are in a good company , you will turn out to be good and if you are in a bad company you will turn out bad, now this is what generally happens, though you can find lot of exceptions, but why take chances, Keep away from any negative energy which is infectious.

Reward yourself daily:

Keep a daily goal, may be that you finish certain topic that day or may be you solve all the difficult problems that day and once you finish your goal, reward yourself with small joys, may be that ice-cream you love or may be that english sitcom or whatever you love, take sometime at the end of the day and reward yourself, this will rejuvinate your mind and also sub-consciously will encourage yourself for achieveing goals daily.

Recognize your progess:

Not just tracking your progress, but recognizing your progress will give you immense energy to keep moving forward,For example, if you’re going to read a book, always start by going through the contents table. Getting familiar with chapter titles and memorizing their total number will make it easier for you to recognize your progress as you read. Confirming how many pages your book has before starting it is also a good idea.
erra akhil
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8 years ago
Dear Mithra,
It is good to hear that you are preparing for jee exams and hope these books might help you out.
MATHS-Problems Plus for IIT Jee by Asit Das Gupta is good  and you can use cengage publication books for previous iit problems and for different pattern of question(Try to avoid watching solutions if you buy cengage).
PHYSICS-Follow every concept from HC Verma first because it the best book for concepts and then go for books like Arihant`s DC PANDEY books for each branch. And I E Rhodov can be solved during your revision time. Dont go for cengage for physics as the concepts are confusing. Try to solve as many problems as you can from those books.
CHEMISTRY-For physical chemistry, buy GRB OP Tandon book for concepts and for solving problems buy GRB A S  Singh book. For inorganic chemstry, learn concepts from J D LEE simplified version book for iit(mug up as much as you can for inorganic chemistry  as it is scoring subject)and buy GRB K Kumar book for solving problems .For oraganic chemistry, buy ARIHANT`S Ranjeeth Shahi for organic chemistry for concepts and GRB Himanshu Pandey for organic chemistry solving problems.(*second books in chemistry  for each branch contain only problems and their key.)
1.Pay careful attention to detail. In physics, chemistry and mathematics, all the topics should be covered and selective study should be avoided since the questions are of an objective type, as well as being large in number.
2.Be aware that the JEE syllabus of class 11th and 12th is up to 45% and 55% of the IIT JEE question papers.
3.Study these physics topics extensively: Fluids, Waves and Sound, Electromagnetic Induction, Capacitors and Electrostatics, Mechanics, Optics and Modern Physics.
4.Study these topics for mathematics: Complex numbers, Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola in Co-ordinate Geometry, Probability, Limits, Vectors, Matrices in Algebra, Functions, differentiability, Definite Integral in calculus and Application of Derivatives.
5.Study these topics for chemistry: Co-ordination, Chemical equilibrium in Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Quantitative Analysis, Chemical bonding in Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.
6.Prepare yourselves mentally for IIT-JEE. "The success is to be achieved", keeping this in mind the aspirants must accept themselves as deserving candidates for JEE success because during preparation confidence plays an important role..
7.Do continuous effort. IIT-JEE preparation requires continuous effort. Each subject must be given proper and regular time. Instead of preparing one subject for some days then other subjects, all the three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and (Mathematics) must be given time each day. It also helps in breaking monotony.
8.Have proper guidance. In today's competitive era, proper guidance is needed for success. The pattern of JEE has become concept based completely. So you need clear and doubtless concepts in each and every topic, to achieve a good rank in JEE.
All the very best for your preparation and you can ask me if you have anydoubt regarding iit.
erra akhil
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8 years ago
These are things which I can tell you only through my experience during my study for jee. Approve if you liked my answer

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