cosec theta ÷ cosec theta minus 1 + cosec theta ÷ cosec theta + 1

cosec theta ÷ cosec theta  minus 1 + cosec theta ÷ cosec theta + 1


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6 years ago
cosec theta =1÷sin theta
cosec theta÷cosec theta-1+cosec theta÷cosec theta+1(question)
1/sin theta÷1/sin theta-1+1/sin theta÷1/sin theta+1
taking L.C.M
1/sin theta÷1-sin theta/sin theta+1/sin theta÷1+sin theta/sin 
when doing division we have to take reciprocal and multiply
1/sin theta×sin theta/1-sin theta+1/sin theta×sin theta/1+sin theta
sin theta gets cancel in the tow terms
1/1-sin theta+1/1+sin theta
1+sin theta×1-sin theta/1-sin^2 theta
1-sin^2 theta/1-sin^2 theta
they both get cancelled
Khusboo prasad
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5 years ago
1:Sin theta  equals to 1/cosec theta...
2:cos theta is equals to 1/ sec theta...
3: tan theta equals to 1/ cot theta …
4: sin(90-theta) . equals to cos theta

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