number of real solutions of equation (1+ cos2x) 1/2 = 2 1/2 sin inverse sinx ,-Π ans: 2

number of real solutions of equation

(1+ cos2x)1/2 = 21/2 sin inverse sinx   ,-Π <= x <= Π is



ans: 2


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Priyansh Goel
21 Points
14 years ago


1+cos2x= 2cos2x;

using this and putting it in given expression I will get cosx = sin-1sinx.   ,-Π <= x <= Π

Now  draw the curves of cosx  for  -Π <= x <= Π  and also draw the curve of sin-1sinx for -Π <= x <= Π and find the no. of intersection points of the curve. They will intersect at two points only. So, Ans is 2.

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