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why some peoples are feel very difficult to the understand the trignometry chapter because of why plz tell me imediately?

why some peoples are feel very difficult to the understand the trignometry chapter because of why plz tell me imediately?



7 Answers

Rohan Das
36 Points
8 years ago

it is generally because of a lot of formulas,variety of questions and wide application in calculus

Prajwal kr
49 Points
8 years ago

Becoz it requires more application of formulas. The students need to be exposed to a variety of questions and models to overcome this problem.

42 Points
8 years ago

The main reason is many number of formulae in trigonametry they very diificult to remember so they are very confused then the people does not understand the questions to solve so the people feel very difficult to understand the trigonametry chapter.

Narayanarao laveti
32 Points
8 years ago

Trigonametry is the very easy chapter.But some of us felt that it is very difficult solve problems.

because they don''t rember formulae. when we by heart fromulae well then we solve trigonametry problems easily.

35 Points
8 years ago
Because lack of basics.... Yes. If the simply byheart the formul for sine or cosine with out knowing their physical meaning (It is the ratio of the opposite side over hypotenus etc..) If we learn the things like that we will forgot. So the people will struggle..!
Akash Kumar Dutta
98 Points
8 years ago


you feel difficult to understand trigo.its obvious ,we all did at early stage of learning but since practise makes a man practise and most importantly learn the APPLICATION of the formulas for suitable questions.and also trigo is a ROUND AROUND chapter.i.e. one same question can be solved by n number of methods,so try to give each question at least 3 ways of solving. i am sure you will do good with hardworking.


pushpendra bansal
19 Points
8 years ago

because of lot of formulas and large application

if keep practice of different types of question and revise formulas you can feel its very easy

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