how to simplify values like tan225

how to simplify values like tan225


3 Answers

vikhyat chaudhry
15 Points
11 years ago

tan225= tan(270-45) = cot 45 = 1

Godfrey Classic Prince
633 Points
11 years ago

Dear Sameer Chowdary,

This can be simplified like so

tan2250= tan(270-45) = cot 450 = 1


tan2250=tan(180+45)=tan(180+45)=tan 450=1

Hope this helped you immmensely...

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Rohan Das
36 Points
9 years ago

you can solve this in two ways.

one; tan(225)=tan(180+45)=tan45=1

two  tan(225)=tan(270-45)=cot45=1

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