Find no of solutions: cos x = x

Find no of solutions:

cos x = x


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Aniket Patra
48 Points
12 years ago

one.Graphically u can find it.The graph of y=x and cos x will cut once.

ranjan kumar choudhary
5 Points
12 years ago

no of solution=1

Hamza Khan
31 Points
12 years ago

cd any1 pl tell me wat exactly is the solution of x=cos x .. imean the coordinates of the point where the intersect

abdul hadi
18 Points
12 years ago

consider the function f(x)=x-cos(x)

derivative of f(x)=1-sin(x) which is >=0 for all real x

=> f(x) is increasing for all real x.

f(c)<0 for some c<-1 & f(c)>0 for some c>1

=> f(x) intersects the number line at ONLY ONE point.

=>f(x)=0 has ONLY ONE solution.

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