Explain the wind chill effect.

Explain the wind chill effect.


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Aditi Chauhan
askIITians Faculty 396 Points
7 years ago
Heat energy will transfer by using three modes; conduction, convection, and radiation. Convection is the mode of transmission of heat, through fluids, such as air or water, in which the particles of fluids acquire heat from one region and deliver the same to the other regions by leaving their mean positions and moving from one point to the other.
In reality, each time your skin manages to warm the nearby air, natural convection gently lifts that warmed air upward and replaces it with fresh cold air. The temperature difference across your skin thus remains large and heat flows quickly out through your skin. So you feel cold. Wind worsens this heat loss because it blows away warmed air near your skin even faster than does natural convection. Just as a forced convection oven cooks food faster, so a forced convection freezer chills people faster. The enhanced heat loss caused by moving air is called wind chill-you feel even colder on a windy day. This is called “wind chill’ effect.

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