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Grade: 12th pass


Why the magnetic moment of cr3+ and co2+ is different ?

Why the magnetic moment of cr3+ and co2+ is different ?

3 years ago

Answers : (2)

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Magnetic moment of an ion is due to orbital magnetic moment and spin only magnetic moment. The values of total magnetic moment, spin only magnetic moment and experimental magnetic moment of Cr3+ and Co2+ is as follows:
  Total magnetic  Spin magnetic  Experimental magnetic
  moment    moment  moment
Cr3+                                 0.77                                     3.87                                           3.8
Co2+                                 6.63                                     3.87                                         4.8

For most of the transition metal ions, the spin only magnetic moment values are in better agreement with the experimental value due to quenching of orbital magnetic moments. So, the value of spin only magnetic moments is generally considered. But actually in ions such as Co2+, orbital magnetic moment also plays a role due to which the experimental value of magnetic moment is 4.8.
3 years ago
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Magnetic dipole moment is determined by the no. Of unpaired electrons and calculated by  √n(n+2)......n=valence electron
This is how we can calculate magnetic moment
one year ago
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