Why are metallic hydrides used for storing hydrogen?

Why are metallic hydrides used for storing hydrogen?


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Suraj Prasad IIT Patna
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9 years ago
Metal hydride tank is a container loading with hydrogen storage alloy powder, heat exchange parts, and gas transport components. The container body materials are generally aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Our hydrogen storage vessels are based on AB5 metal hydride alloys. Hydrogen being stored at low pressure in the vessel, they provide a safe and reliable energy storage, particularly for portable applications, in-house and in-board storage.

Individual vessels can be combined in arrays to reach specific H2 volumes and discharge rates. Contact us for custom-built hydrogen storage.

Chose your storage depending on the quantity of hydrogen you wish to store. The number in the product name refers to the quantity of normal liters of gas kept in the vessel (for instance, the MH150 tank can store up to 150NL of hydrogen). Typical uses of the tanks include fuel cell power, gas chromatography and lab experiments/chemical reactions.The performance of a metal hydride tank mainly includes the following aspects:
. Capacity — how much hydrogen can be stored, generally indicated as in standard liters NL;
. Releasing rate — the rate that hydrogen is released from the tank. A sufficient heat supply is required for hydrogen releasing. The rate is determined by the type of metal hydride, efficiency of heat exchange as well as gas transport resistance;
. Recharging time — time that used to refueling the tank;
. Cycle life — the cycle number that the tank can be refueled without a significant degradation in capacity

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