what is the center of gravity of a band?

what is the center of gravity of a band?


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Suraj Prasad IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 286 Points
9 years ago
Center of gravity is the point in a body around which the resultant torque due to gravity forces vanishes. Near the surface of the earth, where the gravity acts downward as a parallel force field, the center of gravity and the center of mass of an arbitrary body are the same.

The study of the dynamics of aircraft, vehicles and vessels assumes that the system moves in near-earth gravity, and therefore the terms center of gravity and center of mass are used interchangeably.In physics the benefits of using the center of mass to model a mass distribution can be seen by considering the resultant of the gravity forces on a continuous body. Consider a body of volume V with density ρ(r) at each point r in the volume

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