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Grade: 10
what is specific heat
5 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
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							Specific heat is another physical property of matter. All matter has a temperature associated with it. The temperature of matter is a direct measure of the motion of the molecules: The greater the motion the higher the temperature
Motion requires energy: The more energy matter has the higher temperature it will also have. Typicall this energy is supplied by heat. Heat loss or gain by matter is equivalent energy loss or gain.
On whole Specific Heat is the amount of heat required to change a unit mass of a substance by one degree in temperature. The heat supplied to a unit mass can be expressed as

dQ = m c dt (1)


dQ = heat supplied (kJ, Btu)

m = unit mass (kg, lb)

c = specific heat (kJ/kgoC,kJ/kgoK,Btu/lboF)

dt = temperature change (K,oC,oF)

Expressing Specific Heat using(1)

c = dQ / m dt
5 years ago
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