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What is binding energy and nuclear stability?

What is binding energy and nuclear stability?


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 164 Points
6 years ago
The rest mass of the stable nucleus of a stable atom is always less than the sum of the masses of constituent nucleons. The difference is called the mass defectΔm (i.e.,Δm.c2) is utilised in keeping the nucleons bound together. This energy is known as thebinding energy. In order to break the nucleus into its constituent nucleons an amount of energy equal to its binding energy has to be supplied to the nucleus. The mass defect per nucleonΔm/A = P, is called thepacking fractionof the nucleus.
Atomic mass is the mass of a single atomic particle or molecule. It is the sum of protons and electrons present in the atom of an element. It is expressed in mole. It is simply a collection of nuclides that make up a chemical element. it is a whole number.
Atomic weight is the ratio of atom of an element. The average weight of an atom is relative to the 1/12 weight of the carbon -12 atom. It is also referred to as relative atomic mass.The value is not necessarily a whole number.
Atomic weight = [Mass(a) [Description: \times] isotope(a)]+[Mass(b) [Description: \times] isotope(b)]

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