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Grade: 11
what are the nodal planes od dz^2 orbital? how can we find nodal planes and nodal regions?
one year ago

Answers : (3)

Ambarish Kumar Banerjee
53 Points
total no of nodes=n-1. no of angular nodes/nodal planes=l(azimuthal quantum no value). no of radial nodes=n-l-1
 n=principal quantum no value. nodal planes in dz2 or d is 2. plaese approve the answer if correct
one year ago
11 Points
							Though by the formula nobof nodal planes it gives answer as 2 but due to the 3d structure of dz^2 orbital i.e dumble in xz plane and ring in y x  plane makes the no of nodal plane to be zero. Though their exist some region where probability of finding electron is zero but no full nodal plane  exists.
8 months ago
Ashish Kumar
27 Points
Actually in case of dz^2 orbital there are 2 nodal cones instead of nodal planes.As discussed earlier, there are no perfect planes, but according to the orbital orientation clearly represent the nodal surfaces(cones). Hope it helps.
5 months ago
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