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vindhya Grade: 12
what are the drawbacks of rutherford's model of atom? please explain.
2 years ago

Answers : (6)

Prajwal Kavad
603 Points
u have to sometimes open your textbooks also, anyhow:
here they are:

Drawbacks of Rutherford’s model

(i) It does not obey the Maxwell theory of electrodynamics, according to it “A small charged particle moving around an oppositely charged centre continously loses its energy”. If an electron does so, it should continuously lose its energy and should set up spiral motion ultimately failing into the nucleus.

(ii) It could not explain the line spectra of H- and discontinuous spectrum nature.


2 years ago
Prajwal Kavad
603 Points
everything is there in NCERT class 11th textbook in atomic structure chapter
plz approve if r satisfied
2 years ago
50 Points
well, its my wish to check from the book or from web. Askiitian faculty will surely answer my questions.
So, i am not at all forcing you to answer my questions.
if you don't want to answer, then no problem. Many other experts are there to answer my questions
so thanks, but if you don't want to answer , then plase don't do that. And i will definitely post my queries on this site. 
2 years ago
23 Points
										1.the model was applicable for only one electron.2. Accordingly when electrons revolve  around the nucleus it liberates energy and so when it loses all it`s energy it should fall in the nucleus which was impossible.3. Then model does not give objection raised by Maxwell related to continuous emission of energy by electrons.4. It does not say anything about the arrangement of electrons in the atoms
8 months ago
Ayushi dingh
23 Points
If the energy loss continuously the observed spectrum should be continuous but the actual observed spectra consist of well defined lines of definite frequencies  h3nce loss of energy is not continuous in an atom
7 months ago
13 Points
In Rutherford model of atom -the electrons revolve around the nucleus and the attractive force of the positively charged nucleus would be balanced by the centrifugal force arising due to the – rotation of nucleus
6 months ago
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