The solution formed is an ideal solution

The solution formed is an ideal solution


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An ideal solution one in which the molecules attract one another with equal force irrespective of their nature. Thus, a solution composed of two components A and B will be an ideal one if the forces between A and A, B and B should be the same. An ideal solution possesses the following characteristics:
(i) Volume change of mixing should be zero.
?Vmix= 0; Vsolvent+ Vsolute= Vsolution
(ii)Heat change on mixing should be zero.
?Hmix= 0 (Heat is neither absorbed nor evolved).
(iii)There should be no chemical reaction between solvent and solute.
solvent + solute → solution
H2O+ NH3 → NH4OH
H2O + CO2 → H2CO3 Non-ideal
H2O + CaO → Ca(OH)2
(iv)Solute molecules should be not dissociate in the ideal solution.
Aqueous medium
NaCl—————————→Na++ Cl−
Aqueous medium
(v)Solute molecules should not associate in ideal solution

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