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Suggest a condition under which magnesium could reduce alumina?

Suggest a condition under which magnesium could reduce alumina?


6 Answers

askIITians Faculty 164 Points
6 years ago
Temperatures below the point of intersection of Al2O3and MgO curves, magnesium can reduce alumina. But the process will be uneconomical.
MagO can reduce Al2O3 at any tempeerature below 1400 0C
11 Points
4 years ago
1. The reaction: 3 Mg + Al2O3 → 2 Al + 3 MgO2. On studying the Ellingham diagram we see that point of intersection, below which ∆G for the above reaction is negative is above 2000 K.3. Thus, this reaction is feasible at a very high temperature.
20 Points
4 years ago
4/3Al+O2->2/3Al2O3 and 2Mg+O2->2MgO
At the point of intersection of Al2O3 and MgO curves , the ∆G becomes zero for the reaction 2/3Al2O3+2Mg->2MgO+4/3Al . Below that point magnesium can reduce alumina.
20 Points
4 years ago
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Gaurav jaiswal
13 Points
2 years ago
in ncert the answer is given wrong.
magnesium can reduce alumina below the  point of the intersection . 
But, magnesium is not used in metallurgy of aluminium because magnesium is costlier than aluminium .
Dr Haseena
15 Points
one year ago
Mg reduces al when Gibbs free energy change of MgO formation is more negative than alumina formation.  
This is below the point of intersection

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