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Grade: 12
Standard reduction potentials of the following electrodes are given in the series as E*Cu2+/Cu = +0.34 V and E*Al3+/Al = -1.66 V. From the data give the answer of following:
  • Construct a electrochemical cell and represent it in symbolic form ,
  • Write half cell reactions and overall cell reactionsof the cell.
one month ago

Answers : (1)

gvs saikiran
16 Points
lower SRP electrode actsas anode hence Al acts as anode
anode reaction is Al ---->Al+3 + 3e
cathode reaction is Cu+2 + 2e --------> Cu
net cell reaction is 2Al + 3Cu2+ --------> 2Al+3  +3Cu+2
Al/Al+3// Cu+2/Cu is cell representation
28 days ago
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