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Grade: 12th pass
Please sir solve this question. It is from AIATS.Please......sir solve it .........I am posting ot 4th time.......please sir its my humble request to aolve this question.1.2 gm Mg is burnt in a closed vessel whixh contain 0.5gm of O2.Millilitres of 0.25M H2So4 required t dissolve the residue in the vessel is 
Ans200ml(please sir solve it in terms of mole not in equivalent mole.I have a little confusion what we mean by residue here)please sir solve it as I am completely dependent on Askiitian. please sir solve it.
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Avni Chauhan
askIITians Faculty
247 Points
							Mg is burnt in air implies reaction is 2Mg + O2----> 2MgO

moles of Mg = 0.05
moles of oxygen = 0.015
1 mole of oxygen reacts with 2 moles of Mg , therefore oxygen is the limiting reagent and will react with 0.03moles of Mg to produce 0.03 moles of MgO.
This MgO will be reacting with sulphuric acid.
MgO + H2SO4------> MgSO4+ H2O
So we require 0.03 moles of sulphuric acid. Molarity x volume = moles
0.25 x V = 0.03
V = 0.12L = 120mL

THe left Mg will then react with the acid. Mg + H2SO4----> MgSO4+ H2
0.02 moles of Mg will require 0.02 moles of acid
0.25 x V = 0.02
total acid required = 200mL

P.S. It is not’s ma’am :)
one year ago
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