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Grade: 11
In order to find the strength of a sample of H2SO4,10g of it were taken and a piece of marble weighing 7g placed in it.When the reaction is ceased,the marble piece was removed ,dried and was found to weigh 2.2g.What is the percent strength of sulphuric acid?
4 years ago

Answers : (1)

Bidisha Baruah
20 Points
mass of the marble=7g
mass of the marble left unused=2.2g
hence,mass of the marble reacted=7.0g-2.2g=4.8g
now,according to the reaction invovled in the q.100g of CaCO3 reacts with 98g of h2so4 to form caso4,h2o and CO2
so,100g of marble react with=98g of H2SO4
hence 4.8g of marble will react with=98/100x4.8=4.704g
since 10 of dil.H2so4 will contain pure h2so4=4.704g
hence 100g of dil.h2so4 will contain pure h2so4=4.704/10x100=47.04g
thus,the % strength of h2so4 is 47.04
4 years ago
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