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Grade: 12
        If neither heat nor matter can enter or leave a system, the system must be isolated. Is the above statement true? I`m again asking this question because the source of the question says that this is not true.What I have thought is that heat excludes transfer of energy through work. So system without exchanging heat can exchange energy by doing work.Please verify.
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Umakant biswal
5352 Points
@ gagandeep . 
as per the defination of isolated system , the system in which the heat as well as matter cannot be exchanged with surrounding , this defination are fully correct . 
remember heat is a form of energy 
and if energy cannot exchange then heat also cannot , so, system cannot exchanging enrgy without exchange heat . 
one year ago
Srikanth tumpudi
22 Points
							In thermo dynamics you will know the system is isothermal in this process heat never enter and never leave
one year ago
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