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Grade: 9
If 19.8g of C and 0.833 g of H combine with 4.40g O to produce a compound with a molecular mass of 182g/mol, what is the empirical and molecular formula of the compound? (N=14.0g/mol; O=16.0g/mol)
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

adishree solapurkar
6 Points
first calculate the moles of all the three combining elements
then u will get three values
then divide them with the smallest value out of those 3 values
again u have three new values
round off them to the nearest whole number value..
so those three values will now constitute a simple ratio
that will be the combining ratio of C,O,H (remeber the values u got from 19.8 will be of C..and same with the other two elements)
now divide the given molecular mass with empirical formula’s mass u will get a value suppose “n”
now the ratio u got previously multiply it by “n”
now u have a new combining ratioand thus we get the molecular formula
3 years ago
10 Points
Could you show me the solution on how to get this cause i really dont understand.pls.and the final answer too.
3 years ago
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