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How many atoms are present in 11.2 L of chlorine at STP? (a) N a /2 (b) N a /3 (c-)N a (d) N a / 10 20

How many atoms are present in 11.2 L of chlorine at STP?
(a) Na/2
(b) Na/3
(d) Na / 1020


4 Answers

Arun Kumar IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty 256 Points
7 years ago
Hi Vardhan,
Its a common value please remember it
Molar Volume of gas at STP=22.4L

So 1/2 mole => Na/2

Thanks & Regards

Arun Kumar

IIT Delhi

Askiitians Faculty

Manas Satish Bedmutha
22 Points
7 years ago
At STP, every 1 mole gas occupies, 22.4 L, i.e. equivalent to NA molecules.
Hence, 11.2 L will have NA x (11.2 / 22.4) = NA /2 molecules.
Option (a) is correct
Zoya rajput
11 Points
4 years ago
The answer is (c) Na because Na/2 molecules of cl2 are present. but as every molecule of Cl has 2 atoms, hence there are Na/2 *2 atoms ,i.e, Na atoms.
11 Points
3 years ago
1 mole of cl2 at STP is 22.4l
Therefore 11.2l of cl2 is obtained from 0.5 moles of cl2
This implies that there are 2×0.5×NA atoms of cl.
Ans is NA
(Suprized to see that all the answers are incorrect cl is in gaseous state therefore we will take cl as

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