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Grade: 9
How can we determine by seeing the formula that this  is Lewis acid???
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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You can urself identify it by analysing the molecular formula of the compound :
I will begin with simple molecules:
  • Acids produce H+ and base produce OH- (as suggested by Bronsted and Lowry)
  1. So the substance like HCl they produce H+ so its an acid.
  2. H2SO4 will produce 2H+   & SO4^2- (sulpahte ion) so this one is also a acid. Similarily HNO3 and HNO2 , H2CO3 all are acids.
  3. Now NaOH , KOH they all produce OH- ion And Na+ or K+ as ions so they are base.

  • Now organic acids (weak acids ) contain -COOH group in them so they are acidic.
  • U can easily identify them by seeing their formula like CH3COOH is ethanoic acid bcoz it contains COOH (carboxylic ) group which will ionize as COO- and H+
  • Those u give electron are Lewis base and those which accept e- are Lewis acid.
  1. For example AlCl3 is not having any H+ or OH- to identify but its a electron deficient compound according to octet rule so it accepts e- thus its a lewis acid.
  2. NH3 it looks as if this ammonia molecule will donate this H in the form of H+ but actually this molecule donates lone pair of e- on it so behaves as Lewis base.
one year ago
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