How are polymers classified on the basis of structure?

How are polymers classified on the basis of structure?


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Classification of polymers:

Polymers can be classified into several ways.

On the basis of origin / source.
Based on types of monomers.
Based on structure of polymers.
Based on tacticity/ molecular forces.
On the mode of synthesis.
Based on sequence of synthesis.

On basis of sources:

Polymers are classified on the basis of their occurrence or mode of origin as natural polymers, synthetic polymers and semi-synthetic polymers.

Natural polymers:

The polymers obtained from nature (plants and animals) are called natural polymers. These polymers are very essential for life. They are as under.


It is polymer of glucose and it is food reserve of plant.


It is also a polymer of glucose. It is a chief structural material of the plant. Both starch and cellulose are made by plants from glucose produced during photosynthesis.


These are polymers of α-amino acids, they have generally 20 to 1000 α amino acid joined together in a highly organized arrangement. These are building blocks of animal body and constitute an essential part of our food.

Nucleic acids:

These are polymers of various nucleotides.

Example: RNA and DNA are common nucleotides.

It may be noted that polymers such as polysaccharides (starch, cellulose), proteins and nucleic acids etc. which control various life processes in plants and animals are also called biopolymers.

Synthetic polymers:

The polymers which are prepared in the laboratories are called synthetic polymers.

These are also called man made polymers.

Example: Polyethene, PVC, nylon, teflon, bakelite, terylene, synthetic rubber etc.

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