Give the uses of carbonatetrachloride.

Give the uses of carbonatetrachloride.

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Anjali Ahuja
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9 years ago
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Carbon tetrachloride is used in the production of Freon refrigerants, e.g., Freon-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane). Because it is not flammable and is a good solvent for fats, oils, and greases, it is often used commercially for dry cleaning and for degreasing metals. It is sometimes used in fire extinguishers, since its vapors are denser than air and serve to smother a flame. Its use in the home as a spot remover should be avoided because of its poisonous nature.
Carbon tetrachloride is one of the most potent hepatotoxins (that is toxic to the liver), and is widely used in scientific research to evaluate hepatoprotective agents.

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