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Grade: 12th pass
Consider a weak acid added to a container with water (solvent is water).I know it's not compulsory that for a weak acid its conjugate base has to strong. Say the conjugate base of the weak acid I have chosen is a strong base. It can also be weak. But for my question, let's imagine such an weak acid whose conjugate base is strong). My question is when the acid is added to water, as acid chosen is weak, some amount of acid would ionise and form its respective conjugate base and H+ . As already assumed the conjugate base tonne strong, won't that conjugate base hydrolyse ? If yes , on hydrolysis, it would give OH- ions and these OH- ions should neutralise some of the H+ formed from the dissociation of the weak acid and the overall PH of the solution should decrease. Then why not in my textbooks, when PH is calculated, hydrolysis of the strong base is not considered ? 
Say HA is a weak acid such that A- ,its conjugate base is strong (though always not compulsory).Now HA                                                                           
A- +H2O ----> HA + OH- . Now OH- formed here should neutralise some of the H+ formed from the HA dissociation and hence the resultant PH of HA should be due to the remaining H+ after neutralisation by these OH-. But in my textbooks, the hydrolysis of this A- is not considered and hence OH- nutralising some H+ produced form the dissociation is also not considered. Why is it so?
and as I have already assumed such a type of weak acid whose conjugate base is strong, so A- can hydrolyse. 
H+ + A-
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Vikas TU
11770 Points
Dear Candidate,
Your question is too large.
Kindly elaborate it or sandwitched it in 3-4 lines so it can be useful and exaplantory.
plz re-post it in short for suitable answer and soln.
3 years ago
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