Can you store copper sulphate solutions in a zinc pot?

Can you store copper sulphate solutions in a zinc pot?


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Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
9 years ago
no we cannot store copper sulfate in the zinc pot.Because the reduction potential of copper is less as compared to zinc.So a copper sulfate solution will redude itself into copper and zinc sulfate will be formed
Cu+2 +2e- ------>Cu
Zn ----->Zn+2 +2e-
Zinc is more reactive than copper. Therefore , zinc can displace copper from its salt solution. If copper sulphate solution is stored in a zinc pot, then zinc will displace copper from the copper sulphate solution.
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7 years ago
an alkyl halide, C6H13Cl reacts with potessium tertialbutoxide gives isomeric alkenes Y and Z. both alkenes give2,3- di methyl butane. identyfy y and z?
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6 years ago
As we move down in activity series the oxidation potential of elements decreases so oxidation potential of Zn>Cu. As a result zinc will easily oxidise itself and replace copper from its solution.

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