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Grade: 11
Calculate the work of expansion of ideal gas when it expands isothermally and reversibly from 10m3 to 2m3 at 300K.
Answer: -3.485 KJ
Check whether the answer is correct or not and also provide the solution. 
2 months ago

Answers : (1)

Sandeep Mishra
askIITians Faculty
27 Points
the question given by you does not mention the number of moles of gas. if we consider the moles of gas as 1, then the following can be done to calculate the work done by the gas
w= − 2.303*( 1 mol ) ( 8.314J/mol ⋅ K ) ( 300K ) log(2/10)=4015 J= -4.015 KJ
25 days ago
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