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Grade: 12th pass
Among covalent solids,pseudo solids,molecular solids,ionic solids write the melting point order and discuss
8 months ago

Answers : (2)

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  • Melting Points
    Crystalline Solids – They have a sharp melting point
    Amorphous Solids – They do not have sharp melting points. The solid tends to soften gradually over a temperature range
8 months ago
Vikas TU
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Dear student 
Covalent Solids :
They tend to be extremely hard substances that will break into pieces rather than smoothly change shape. They have 3D Network structure. Examples of covalent solids include diamond and silica (SiO2).
the melting point of covalent solids is extremely high.
Ionic Solid: 
It has melting point heigher than metallic but lower than covalent.
Molecular Solid:
The forces holding the solids together are much weaker than for other types of solids.   As a result these materials have much lower melting points. Examples include ice (solid water), dry ice (solid CO2), solid iodine.
Pseudo Solid: 
They have low boiling and melting points , because they are amorphous.
8 months ago
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