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Sandeep Grade: 12th pass
        A problem about Gibbs the attachment pls answer that
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Advay Kusalkar
32 Points
										Basically you`ve to understand the relation, dG/dT = -SSo as we can see,  we`ve given dT and S so by taking integration considering 15 as lower limit and 45 as upper limit, you can calculate the value of dG.As far as I know integration, I can calculate upto equation, dG = T^4 + 5/2 T^2You can calculate further by keeping values of upper and lower limits.
one year ago
Advay Kusalkar
32 Points
										Sorry I missed a thing in equation,   It`ll be   dG = T/4^4 + 5/2 T^2  If you calculate whole thing, calculations will get pretty big but final answer is quite ok and simple. I guess that`s why it is written you may not solve. Anyways Final answer will be 1018 KJ
one year ago
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