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Grade: 11
A container holds 22.4 litre of a gas at 1 atmospheric pressure and at 0°C. The gas consist of a mixture of argon, oxygen, and sulphur dioxide in which :
(a) Partial Pressure of SO= (Partial Pressure of O2) + (Partial Pressure of Ar).
(b) Partial Pressure of O2 = 2 × Partial Pressure of Ar.
Calculate the density of the gas mixture under these conditions. 
5 months ago

Answers : (1)

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(a) PSO2=PO2+PAr = 3PAr.       [using (b)]
Now from Dalton's law of partial pressure 
=> 3PAr+2PAr+PAr =1
=>   PAr =1/6
Now using PV=nRT
We get no. of moles =PV/RT= 0.9994
Now as we know, 
PAr =mole fraction of Ar *PTotal
Mole fraction of Ar =1/6 
Moles of Ar/ Total no. of moles = 1/6 
So, no of moles of Ar = 0.9994/6 = 0.16
Similarly, moles of O=0.9994/6 = 0.33
Moles of SO= 0.9994/6 = 0.499
Also, moles = Mass/Molecular weight
Mass of Ar = 6.4
Mass of O=10.56
Mass of SO2= 31.36
Total mass =48.32
Density = Mass/volume =48.32/22.4 = 2.157
Hope it helps
Me Rahul from Kurukshetra, Haryana
5 months ago
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