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Palak J Grade: 11

For the reaction N2O4 <----> 2NO2, if degrees of dissociation are 25%,50%,100%.Prove the gradation of observed vapour densities are d1>d2>d3>d4.


8 years ago

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Dear student,

Vapor density is a term that arises (or should arise) in every HAZWOPER course.  Vapor density is usually introduced along with a variety of other terms that help us to understand the way a chemical can be expected to act in the environment.  While vapor pressure and boiling point are useful in determining how quickly a chemical will produce a vapor or whether the chemical is in its gaseous state when released from containment, vapor density tells us what will happen to that gas or vapor upon release or when entering a container or room where the chemical has been stored.


Chemical vapors and gases can be divided into two groups based upon their vapor density:  chemical vapors and gases which are heavier than air, and chemical vapors and gases which are as light or lighter than air.  Using air as a reference point and assigning it a value of 1.0 vapor density, we can use a chemical's vapor density to judge the expected action of the chemical vapors or gases when we encounter them.  Chemicals that have a vapor density greater than one will be found in the bottom of storage containers and will tend to migrate downhill and accumulate in low lying areas.  Chemicals that have a vapor density which is the same or less than the vapor density of air will disperse readily into the surrounding environment.  Additionally, chemicals that have the same vapor density as air (1.0) tend to disperse uniformly into the surrounding air when contained and, when released into the open air, chemicals that are lighter than air will travel up and away from the ground.

7 years ago
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