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Grade: 11

can you explain Dalton's Atomic Theory

11 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
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John Dalton, in 1803, proposed the Atomic Theory of Matter on the basis of law of chemical combination and other related chemical observation. He stated that:

–    All matter is made of atoms which are indivisible and indestructible ultimate particles.

–    All the atoms of a given element are identical, both in mass and chemical properties.

–    However, atoms of different elements have different masses and different chemical numbers.

–    Compounds are formed by the combination of different atoms in the ratio of small whole numbers.

–    Chemical reactions involve only combination, separation or rearrangement of atoms.

–    Atoms are neither created nor destroyed in the course of an ordinary chemical reaction.

Even today, the scientific community accepts the hypothesis of John Dalton with two modifications: (i) an atom is divisible and destructible, and (ii) all atoms of an element are not identical in mass. However, these aspects have not affected the basic philosophy of Dalton.

11 years ago
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