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Grade: 11

can you explain Dalton's Atomic Theory

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
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John Dalton, in 1803, proposed the Atomic Theory of Matter on the basis of law of chemical combination and other related chemical observation. He stated that:

–    All matter is made of atoms which are indivisible and indestructible ultimate particles.

–    All the atoms of a given element are identical, both in mass and chemical properties.

–    However, atoms of different elements have different masses and different chemical numbers.

–    Compounds are formed by the combination of different atoms in the ratio of small whole numbers.

–    Chemical reactions involve only combination, separation or rearrangement of atoms.

–    Atoms are neither created nor destroyed in the course of an ordinary chemical reaction.

Even today, the scientific community accepts the hypothesis of John Dalton with two modifications: (i) an atom is divisible and destructible, and (ii) all atoms of an element are not identical in mass. However, these aspects have not affected the basic philosophy of Dalton.

9 years ago
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