The rate constant of a reaction depends on a) Temperature b) Initial concentration of the reactants c) Time of reaction d) Extent of reaction

The rate constant of a reaction depends on

a)      Temperature

b)      Initial concentration of the reactants

c)       Time of reaction

d)      Extent of reaction


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Navjyot Kalra
askIITians Faculty 654 Points
9 years ago

a)      Temperature

Exp:       It is a constant of particular reaction at a given temperature. It does not depend upon initial concentration of the reactants time of reaction and extent of reaction.

meenakshi boni
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9 years ago


hanuman balagoni
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9 years ago

the rate constant depends on initial conc.of the reactants because by the formula of rate constant=initial conc./time taken to convert the reactants into products. It  depends on time also.

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9 years ago


Nandakumar UK
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9 years ago

The rate constant will change with Temperature, use of catalyst and also when the unit of rate constant is changed. For zero order reaction ty/x =(y/x) C0/k or k = (y/x) C0/ty/x. Here also k does not change with change in C value. 

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9 years ago
Rate constant is directly proportional to temperature because as temp increases velocity of molecule increases and rate contant also increases
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9 years ago
answer is `a` rate constant depends on temp. but not anuy other factor such as intial concentration.according to the formula it is the concentration at equilibrium

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