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AgNO3 gives a white precipitate with NaCl but not with CCl4. Why?

AgNO3 gives a white precipitate with NaCl but not with CCl4. Why?

Grade:upto college level

3 Answers

Hrishant Goswami
343 Points
8 years ago

NaCl is ionic and so its solution has Cl(-) ions. CCl4 is covalent - so its solution does not have any Cl(-) ions.


Without Cl(-) ions, Ag(+) will not give a white ppt of AgCl

Prajwal kr
49 Points
8 years ago

Nacl reacts with AgNO3 to form AgCl(a white precipitate) This happens because there are free Cl- anions as NaCl is ionic. But CCl4 is covalent and doesn''t ionise so doesn''t give any precipitate.

Kushagra Madhukar
askIITians Faculty 629 Points
one year ago
Dear student,
This behaviour is observed due to the different type of bonding in both the compounds.
CCl4 is covalent and does not have free Cl- ions to form AgCl.
On the other hand, NaCl is ionic and has free Cl- to react and form AgCl.
Hope it helps.
Thanks and regards,

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