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Poolok Krishna Grade: 11

first I would like to thank you IITians for this wonderful site (if it really works! -please don't mind; some sites that attract your attention don't). thank you.

I am in the 11th std. and I am preparing for IIT JEE. the preparation is only getting tougher. spending more time in Physics has left me to literally neglect the other two subjects. and I am still not good at Physics, leave Chemistry and Mathematics alone.

please help me in managing the time i.e. which is the sub to which I should devote more time. and I have heard tht all portions in a sub is not important. can you suggest me something on that? and which are the most important patrs of Chemistry. can you plese list out?

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Sona Srivastava
38 Points

well as i feel , you dont need to give more time to one sub. at the cost of others ...

see , in jee you need an optimum performance in all three subjects ... try giving equal time to all three subs. so that you'll need to worry abt individual cut-offs at the end ... i have known many people who could have cleared the jee but couldn't pass the individual cut offs .

i know that you might be lagging behind in other two subjects .. so i would advise to start this new strategy with whatever you are studying currently in the classes .. and later revise the left-over portion as you have ample time left.

and after that if you have enough time left .. you can excel in the sub. you like the best

hope this adds positively to your preperation for the jee.

7 years ago
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