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In an isothermal process, the value Δ T = 0 but Q ≠ 0, while in an adiabatic process, Δ T ≠ 0 but Q = 0 why????

 In an isothermal process, the value ΔT = 0 but Q ≠ 0, while in an adiabatic process, ΔT ≠ 0 but Q = 0 why????


3 Answers

dileep munugoti
16 Points
8 years ago

generally Q=U+W for an isothermal process we take temperature constanthence change in U=0 hence the work done should be converted into heat hence change in Q is not equal to 0 but in adiabatic process we take heat constant hence work is converted into change in internal energy

G Ashwin -
24 Points
8 years ago

Isothermal means constant temperature so deltaT=0 but there is heat exchange btw the system and surrounding to keep the temperature constant but in adiabatic process there is no heat flow btw system and surrounding so Q=0

hari krishn
6 Points
8 years ago

heat transfer(Q) is flow of energy and Temp is measure of energy......Of course heat transfer to or from a system can actually lead to the change in its temp..

but in isothermal process, we assume that the total heat tranfer to or from a system is utilizing for another work by or on the system such that the temp is kept constant so there may be heat transfer but change in temp should be zero....

but in adiabatic system, we assume there is no heat transfer to or from a heat transfer should be zero but the temp can be vary by applying any kind of work on it or by the self simulation of the system etc., so change in temp need not be zero....

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