What is the short method to remember P - block elements ?

What is the short method to remember P - block elements ?

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Dear Rohan Sharma,

Being a student who aims to crack the prestigious Engineering entrance examinations,it is mandatory to know the periodic table of elements by heart. Since there are close to 120 elements in the periodic table and remembering each and every one of them is a difficult task,you can use some other ways of remembering them like connecting them together to form a sentence or rhyming them so as to make memorising easier and more effective.

Here is an example on how you can memorise the p-block elements,

Group 13 – Starting with Boron [B] – is to be rememberd as – B AGITl = BAGIT (or BAG IT !)

Group 14 – Starting with Carbon [C] – Carbon and Silicon chips in Germany doped with Tin(Sn) and Lead(Pb) – C Si Ge Sn Pb

Group 15 – Starting with Nitrogen [N] – Naga PambAasaiya Saabuduthu Biscuit – N P As Sb Bi

Group 16 – Starting with Oxygen [O] – Ohh YeSSe Thu Po (as in O S Se Te Po)

Group 17 – Starting with Fluorine [F] – Remember it as if you where rushing through it! Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Astatine – all the ‘ine’ endings somehow rhyme for me 

Group 18 – You got to learn these by heart as they are NOBLE enough to be on the periodic table 


Hope this helped you immensely..!!

All the Very Best & Good Luck to you ,.!!


Best Regards,

AskIITians Expert,

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tricks &tips for reaction of p block

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