why inversion temperature is double of boyles temprature?

why inversion temperature is double of boyles temprature?


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12 years ago

Dear student,

µJT = ∂T/∂p
At the inversion temperature the coefficient changes its sign.
For higher temperatures it is negative and the gas heats up due to expansion. For a temperature below the inversion temperature µJT is positive and the expanding gas cools down.

The importance of this temperature is in gas liquefaction. Processes like the Linde process for air liquefaction need a positive coefficient. Hence you can only operate at temperatures below the inversion temperature.

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5 years ago
Relation between inverion temperature and Boyle`s Temperature is as follows:Ti is 2a/Kb and Tb is a/Kb so Ti/Tb=2/1. Hence Ti =2Tb .

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