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Zuhaib Khan Grade: 11

Plz explain Gas Eudiometry:

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
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Gas Eudiometry

The realtionship amongst gases, when thay react with one another, is goverened by two laws, namely Gay-Lussac law and Avagadro's law.

Gaseous reactions for investigation purposes are studied in a closed graduated tube open at one end and the other closed end of which is provided with platinum terminals for the passage of electricity through the mixture of gases. Such a tube is known as Eudiometer tube and hence the name Eudiometry also used for Gas analysis.

During Gas Analysis, its Eudiometer tubed filled with mercury is inverted over a trough containing mercury. A known volume of the gas or gaseous mixture to be studied is next introduced, which displaces an equivalent amount of mercury.

The following reactions among gases can be drawn:

  • Volume-Volume relationship amongst gases or simple Gaseous reactions.
  • Composition of Gaseous mixtures.
  • Molecular formulae of gases
  • Molecular formulae of Gaseous Hydrocarbons

The various reagents used for absorbing different gases are

O3 turpentine oil

O2 → alkaline pyrogallol

NO → FeSO4 Sol.

CO2, SO2 → alkali Sol. (NaOH, KOH, Ca(OH)2, HOCH2CH2NH2, etc.)

NH3 acid Sol. or CuSO4 Sol.

Cl2 → water

9 years ago
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