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Grade: 11

how ClF3 is formed by sp3d hybridisation though Cl has 2 paired orbitals after exitation of electrons to d-orbital

8 years ago

Answers : (3)

sidharth kriplani
35 Points

sp3d hybridisation means 5 equivalent sp3d orbitals. out of these, three are used to overlap with the 1s orbitals of fluorine. the remaining two orbitals contain the lone pair of electrons. it is a T-shaped structure with two axial and one equatorial bonds.


7 years ago
nikul lathiya
12 Points
							Oh so EaSy. Formula for hybridisation isn=[no. Of v.e. +mono valent atom other than central atome +nagetive charg - positive charg on compoundTake a lookEx. Hybridisation. In clF3n=1.5[7+3+0-0]=5n=5 so spppd.   =  sp3d hybrridisation
3 years ago
satish gupta
44 Points
							The outer most orbital of Cl is 3rd orbital .In this orbital  1electron jump from  3p^5 subshell to vacant 3d .So two unpaired in P and one unpaired in d .hence 3 F atom comes and bond formed with hybrid orbital of Cl atom.And 3 Cl--F bond and two lone pair(1 in s and other in p orbital of Cl atom).Hence sp3d hybr.  is present.
3 years ago
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