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Grade: Upto college level
        In the gaseous reactiojn 2A+B  = A2B, Gibbs free  energy=1200cal at 227Degree Celsius. What total pressure would be necessary to produce 60% conversion of B into A2B when 2:1 mixture is used?

Ans (5.02atm)
Sir, it is the question of "Modern Approach To chemical calculations" by Ramendra c. Mukerjee, page no.507,
10 years ago

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Askiitians expert Anirudh iitk
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delG = -RT ln K.

Find out K


say x moles of B is present, then 2x moels of A is present. Let total pressure be P.


say a moles of B reacted. Then. 2a mol of A reacts and a mol of A2B is formed.


given : a=0.6x.

Hence, B- 0.4x and A - 1.2x and A2B= 0.6x

partial pressure of A2B is (0.6/(0.6+1.2+0.4))*P = (0.6/2.2)P

similarly P= (0.4/2.2)P, Pa = (1.2/2.2)P


Kp = Pa2b / Pb .Pa 2    This value of Kp is obtained using the topmost formula. From this find out the value of P and that is the required value


10 years ago
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