What is the trend across the Per i od Of ionistaion Energy ???? Explain Your Answer .. !!

What is the trend across the Period Of ionistaion Energy ????

Explain Your Answer .. !!


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jophin joy
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11 years ago

ionisation energy across a period increases.......!!!

Bcoz as we move across a period the nuclear charge keeps increase and hence there is greater attraction..thus d size of d atom decrease due to greater attraction...hence it becomes difficult for d elemet to release an electron thus leading to higher ionisation energy......

we can also expain this on d basis of stabilty that is.... every element tries to gain nearest octet in d process to gain octet configuration d element with fewer valency electrons tries to loss it and elements wid more electron try to gain.....for example an element wid 7 valency electrons can loss 7 electrons or gain 1 electron to get octet configuration........but it always gains...bcoz lossing 7 electrons requires very high energy than gaining one.....!!!thus ionisation energy increases......!!!!!

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