no.of triangular voids in fcc structure

no.of triangular voids in fcc structure


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13 years ago

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Each sphere is in contact with six of its neighbours and the two dimensional coordination number is 6. The centres of these six spheres are at the corners of a regular hexagon Fig (b), hence this packing is called two dimensional hexagonal close-packing. It can be seen that in this layer there are some voids. These are triangular in shape. The triangular voids are of two different types. In one row , the apex of the triangles are pointing upwards and in the next layer downwards.

Sudheesh Singanamalla
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13 years ago

we cannot actually find the number of triangular coids in fcc lattice.

in fcc lattice 74% is occupied by spheres

so the other 26% is voids.

out of which 2/3 of them are tetrahedral voids.

so if the colume of the fcc structure is given. then it can be found as 2/3 * (26% of volume)


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