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Grade: 12
        Prob 2. Arrange the bonds in order of increasing ionic character in the molecules:

LiF, K2O, N2, SO2 and ClF3

Sol. N2 < ClF3 < SO2 < K2O < LiF

Mera question is how come the ionic character is higher in SO2 than in ClF3 ??
Both have the same electronegativity difference..??then??
Please thx in advance to all those take pain in answering me GOD BLESS!!!
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Sudheesh Singanamalla
114 Points

the key here is that there are 3 F atoms in ClF3 and only two O atoms in SO2.... and as already told you that the difference b/w the electronegativity of F and O is bit definitely ClF3 will be more ionic than SO2....

when you arrange all of them now...

N2 < SO2 < ClF3 < K2O < LiF


ClF3 is more ionic than SO2 ..

i think the given solution in the problem you have given is incorrect , maybe a printing mistake , but here is the solution above.


source : it came for my school exam , and i got it right :D

8 years ago
13 Points
SO2 have low polarisation than CLF3 therefore more covalent character of CLF3 and hence SO2 have high ionic characters
9 months ago
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