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Shobhit Gupta Grade: 12

For a single electron species some of the atoms of ions are in ground state some are in excited state.At an energy level p photons of energy level 2.2 eV are made incident on an atom ion.As a result the electron gets excited .When source of energy withdrawn and only atoms of ion are allowed to  reach ground state then six different wavelength are emitted .Some hav energy >2.2 eV,some = 2.2 eV and some < 2.2 eV. 

Q1.Calc final and initial excited state of electron Q2 min and max value of wavelength of light emitted in ground state

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Shine
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Consider Z=2 , find energy of various enegy levels using E' = Z2E whr E is energy of electron in respective energy level in Single electron H atom.

Then for n= 7and n= 4 , calculate the energy diff. , it comes out tobe 2.2 ev.

therefore initial excited state ws n= 4 and final ws n=7 .

Min wavelength is corresponding to transition from n=7 to n=1 and max wavelength from n=7 to n=6 .

8 years ago
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