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please explain the concepts of hydrogen bonding and van der waals' bonding along with examples

please explain the concepts of hydrogen bonding and van der waals' bonding along with examples


1 Answers

AJIT AskiitiansExpert-IITD
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11 years ago

Dear abhik ,

The hydrogen bond is really a special case of dipole forces. A hydrogen bond is the attractive force between the hydrogen attached to an electronegative atom of one molecule and an electronegative atom of a different molecule. Usually the electronegative atom is oxygen, nitrogen, or fluorine, which has a partial negative charge. The hydrogen then has the partial positive charge.



 Van der Waals' forces are forces that exist between MOLECULES of the same substance. They are quite different from the forces that make up the molecule. For example, a water molecule is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, which are bonded together by the sharing of electrons. These electrostatic forces that keep a molecule intact are existent in covalent and ionic bonding but they are NOT van der Waals' forces.

The van der Waals' forces are the forces that exist between the millions of separate water molecules, and not between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the case of water.

Hydrogen bonding is  a  type of van der Waals' force. It is exactly the same as dipole-dipole interaction, it just gets a special name.

Hope it helps !!!!

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All the best.

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