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Alpha Biswas Grade:

1) A gas filled freely collapsible balloon is pushed from surface level of a lake to a depth of 100 m. Approximately what percentage of ots original volume will balloon finally have? Assume that gas behaves ideally.

2)20% of surface sites are occupied by niitrogen gas mulecule. The density of surface sites is 6.022 x 1014 cm-2 and total surface area is 1000 cm-2. The catalyst is heated to 300K  while N2 is completely desorbed into a preesure of 0.001 atm occupied to by each N2 molecule.

3) A plant virus is found to consist of uniform cylindrical particle of 150Ao in diameter and 5000Ao long. The specific volume of the virus is 0.75cm3 /g. If the virus is considered to be simple particle find its molecular weight.

7 years ago

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Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
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Dear Alpha,


Please ask one query in one post.

7 years ago
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