pls explain the process?

pls explain the process?


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Neel Pratik Bhatt
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13 years ago

Dear Nitin,

Distillation Is basically To Separate A mixture of missible liquids And it Is Based On their boiling point(Boiling Point Of The Two or more liqiuds). One Such example is Acetone And Water

Fractional distillation apparatus using a Liebig condenser. A conical flask is used as a receiving flask.  Here the distillation head and fractionating column are combined in one piece.

This Is A figure explaining It And You Can see The Fractional Column here Right? That Is Actually Not There In Distillation Process BUT If The Two Or More liquids Are having a Differance In The Boiling Ppoint which Is lesser than 25 K ( Kelvin) Then The Fractional Column Is Used. It Has beeds In It So As to allow The Vapourised Fumes Cool And Condense Repeatedly! The Round Bottom Flask Is called The Distillaton flask where The Liquid Is Put In and Then Heated!.Final Product Is obtained In The Beaker.(seperated). For Example Seperating Oxygen From air Fractional distillation Is Used As The Difference In The Boiling Point Is less Than 25K ( argon Collect First As It Has The least Boiling Point Out of The Components Of Air.

-Neel Bhatt

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